Sustainability is among our core values. It forms the basis of our work, inspires our corporate strategy and is a shared approach promoted by top management.

The Group Sustainability Committee (GSC) was established in 2019 with the primary objective of assisting the Board of Directors in defining the sustainability strategy, indicating the main objectives and areas of intervention to be articulated in the Industrial Plan and providing indications and recommendations to both BoD and other committees and bodies within the company on policies, guidelines and KPIs linked to sustainability objectives.

The GSC is composed of the Group Chairman and CEO, Group COO and Group CFO as well as a series of managerial figures belonging to both the Holding company and operating units, who ensure the coordination and adequate implementation of the sustainability strategy within the Group.

The Committee, which meets at least four times a year, is currently led by the Chairman of Aalborg Portland Holding.

Last update: 12/03/2021 | 16:45