The Sustainability Committee is currently composed of three directors, two of whom are non-executive and independent.

  • Francesco Caltagirone Jr. | Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman


    Born in Rome on 29 October 1968, he began his entrepreneurial career in the family business at the age of 21. After 6 years of experience in the construction sector, he joined Cementir in 1995 and has been appointed Group Chairman in 1996. His entrepreneurial vision has led the internationalization of Cementir through targeted and profitable acquisitions and investments, by transforming it from an Italian domestic company to a multinational Group with operations in 18 countries and 5 continents, a diversified business portfolio and a multicultural workforce.

    Francesco Caltagirone is CEO of Cementir Holding N.V, Chairman of the Board of Cementir Holding N.V., CEO of Aalborg Portland Holding A/S, Director of Caltagirone S.p.A.- Caltagirone Editore S.p.A. and Member of the General Council of Assonime.

  • Veronica De Romanis | Non Executive Director - Independent


    Born in Rome on 31 March 1969, in 1992 she graduated cum laude in Economics and Business at La Sapienza University of Rome. In 1993 she attended the PhD Course in Economics at the Columbia University of New York. From 1994 to 1996, always in the Columbia university of New York, she attended the Master of Philosophy and the Master of Art in Economics. She started her career as Member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in which she stayed until 2008. In 2015 she became an Independent Director as well as a member of the Audit Committee and a member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee of Cementir Holding S.p.A. – now Cementir Holding N.V. (positions currently in force). In 2016 until 2017 she has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Economics and the Luigi Einaudi Foundation. In 2018 she became a member of the Steering Committee of the Public Accounts Observatory of the Catholic University of Milan and member of the International Committee of the WE Woman Empower the World Board. Now, she teaches European Economic Policy at Stanford University in Florence (The Breyer Center for Overseas Studies), at the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Master of Business Administration of the Libera Università degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli (LUISS) of Rome. In July 2019, she received a prize called Premio Profilo Donna. She is working with several newspapers and magazines on issues of public finance, European integration, international economic policy, the labor market with particular attention to female employment. Finally, she published “Il Metodo Merkel” (2009, Marsilio editori), “Il Caso Germania” (2013, Marsilio editori) and “L’Austerità fa Crescere” (2017, Marsilio editori).

    Current Positions

    • Non Executive Director and Member of the Audit Committee, of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and of the Sustainability Committee of Cementir Holding N.V.
  • Chiara Mancini | Non Executive Director - Independent


    Born in Rome on 20 November 1972, she graduated cum laude in law at La Sapienza University of Rome and in 1999 she passed the bar exams at the Court of Appeal of Rome.
    Over the years she has worked in the private world - at the Italian Banking Association where she is Director of institutional and media relations, as well as President's Advisor - and the public one, as Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Justice during two Legislatures: Monti Government and Letta Government. She has gained experience as an independent Director in several industrial and banking companies.

    Current Positions

    • Non Executive Director and Member of the Audit Committee, of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and of the Sustainability Committee of Cementir Holding N.V.
    • Independent Director and Member of the Related Party Committee of Cassa di Ravenna S.p.A.
    • Chairwoman of Bancaria Immobiliare S.p.A.

Purpose and responsibilities of the Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee prepares the decision-making process of the Board of Directors in formulating and implementing a strategy in line with a view on long-term value creation by Cementir Holding N.V. and its subsidiaries, regarding the development and promotion of a healthy, safe and secure environment for the Company’s stakeholders as well as the sustainable development and social responsibility and prepares any related decision-making at the Board level.

The main task of the Sustainability Committee is to develop a Group Sustainability Strategy.

The Sustainability Committee shall:

  • assist and advise the Board on its supervision of the Group’s policies, programs and related risks, concerning sustainability matters, (including, but not limited to) sustainability matters related to public issues of significance to the Group and its stakeholders that may affect the Group’s business, strategy, operations, performance or reputation;
  • receive regular reporting from any subsidiaries’ Sustainability Committees and the Sustainability Working Group to respectively collect any required information and provide requested insights and advice to the Board;
  • provide regular reporting to the Board;
  • act under any authority delegated by the Board relating to global and local sustainability matters, including with respect to setting out, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on policies and practices, management standards, strategy, performance and governance;
  • review and approve goals and guidelines for environmental, social and governance compliance, aligned with Group’s commitments and legal requirements;
  • review, discuss and propose the Group’s sustainability initiatives and engagement;
  • assist in the Board’s supervision of risks relating to sustainability matters overseen by the Sustainability Committee;
  • review, assess and make recommendations:
    • to the Board as to the Group non-financial reporting and annual sustainability report;
    • to the Board and to other Group bodies such as subsidiaries’ Sustainability Committee and/or Group Management Team regarding any sustainable development policy, including overall strategy or specific guidelines, management standards, key performance indicators of the Group relating to sustainability-related issues with the aim of ensuring that Group’s policies and procedures are in line with best practice;
    • to the Board and to other Group bodies such as the Remuneration Committee on sustainability-related targets for management incentives at Group, regional and BU level;
  • recommend to the Board health and safety targets for the Company and the Group;
  • support the development of a health and safety culture in the Company and the Group also through its management;
  • annually provide reports of its actions to the Board and make recommendations to the Board and to other Group bodies as it considers appropriate;
  • review and reassess the adequacy of this Charter and recommend to the Board any improvements to the Charter that the Sustainability Committee considers necessary or appropriate;
  • undertake such other responsibilities or tasks within sustainability matters as the Board may delegate or assign to the Sustainability Committee from time to time.
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